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Smart School
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SmartSchool has been actively providing innovative educational solutions to more than 17,00,000 students on pan India level. The company is also the official content provider for Comprehensive Online (and Offline) Learning Management System for CCE vide CBSE Letter of Award CBSE/ACAD/DIR (ART&I)/RFP(CCE ONLINE)2013 dated 20.05.2013 of CBSE


Smartschool ICT (K-12): Smartschool ICT is a revolutionary product for the next generation schools in the ICT domain. The product has been designed to harness the best possible technology available and overcome the deficiencies in the offering of the existing players in the e-Learning sector.

The solution comprises of High Definition 3D educational content along with a host of e-Learning applications to harness the latest in the technology. The Smartschool solution provides a holistic solution to the school in terms of educational value in the most cost-effective way.

Key Feature 

  • K-12 (KG to 12th Standard) learning platform with over 50,000 high-quality modules.
  • 3D/4D animations, key points, quizzes, fully solved NCERT, topper’s answer sheets, interactive, experiments; real life videos, etc. help the students to deepen the learning.
  • content is supported on Windows, Android and Linux.
  • Report feature helps to keep a track of the content being used and the time spent by the user. It is also helpful for teachers in lesson planning.
  • Repository of over 1,00,000 objective and subjective questions for the students.
  • AIEEE and IITJEE test series is provided on the platform.
  • Detailed analysis of the performance of students with All India ranks is provided.


  • Special Learning Zone
  • It is quite useful for slow and dyslexic students.
  • It will help to improve reading and writing skills which will help the child to learn all subjects.
  • This zone is like a therapy for the child and targets five skills namely writing, phonetics, spelling, listening and vocabulary.
  • Scholar Zone
  • This works on multiple intelligence variables of the student.
  • It includes different time-based Olympiad papers of Maths and Science.
  • Choose a book feature(For CBSE & ICSE)
  • Drop down feature on Tutor helps to choose the board for different schools.
  • Books are mapped for different publishers and this feature helps to choose the book according to the curriculum in schools.
  • Ask a doubt feature
  • This feature helps the students to ask their doubts on any of the topics and deepen their learning.
  • Mentors provide solutions to all the questions asked by the students as soon as possible.
  • 3D video animations and teacher-driven modules
  • All the chapters of different subjects are explained through animated or anchor-based videos which promote better understanding.
  • Anchor based videos engage the learners and help them in connecting the topic with real life.

Junior Section Features (KG to LKG)


We provide rhymes for the students in both English and Hindi language. Explaining the same thing in different ways would increase retention.



Various worksheets are provided in printable form. Students can learn from the modules and practice through worksheets.


Flash cards:

Just before the exams, we can quickly revise the concepts using the printable flash cards. You can play some games using these flash cards to make the topics more interesting.

Phonetics, blending words, spelling bee:

This part would help in English improvement. Phonetics help in classification of speech sounds. Blending words are a part of our foundation modules which help the child in recognizing sounds of alphabets when they are used in words. Spelling bee shows the presence of vowels in different words and their correct pronunciation.


Interactive games:

Every chapter includes interactive games for on the spot evaluation of the child.


Smartschool Museum and Smartschool Zoo:

This feature helps the child to get a clear picture of objects around us through virtual museum. Different animals found in the zoo can be found in the Smartschool Zoo.

Grammar animations with Grammar games:

The concept of grammar can be clearly understood through Grammar games. These games make the topics interesting for the children.

Let Us write:

It is a step by step visual demonstration of how to write alphabets in various formats. The modules focus on all five sections of writing that is English Cursive writing (small), English cursive writing (capital), English print writing (pattern), English print writing (small), English print writing (capital). Apart from English writing, we have provided modules to help students write in Hindi as well.

Colour the objects:

This is a section of art and craft where students get a chance to colour the objects. The interesting thing to note is that the objects used in the modules are taken from other subjects which promote reinforcement.

For class 1st to 5th

Library concept:

We have created super set aka library, which contains all the major publishers and provides a set of chapters as per the syllabus along with some extra chapters which might be available in some other publisher’s book.


Fun with tables:

This will help students to learn tables and their correct pronunciation. These modules are quite engaging which would build the interest of the learners.


Grammar animations:

Grammar, which is the basic and inevitable part of the language, is taught through highly engaging animated videos, making it easier for the child to learn the basics of the language.


Phonetics, listening comprehension, Smartschool vocabulary:

This section is designed to enhance the oration skills of the child.

  • Through phonetics, we teach classification of speech sounds.
  • Listening comprehensions is designed to make the child attentive towards speech and increase the grasping and retention power.
  • Smartschool vocabulary is a vast source of words that’ll enrich the child’s vocabulary further, strengthening the overall knowledge base of the child.


Scholar zone:

It includes various subjective and objective questions on different topics helping the children to prepare for the exams. Detailed analysis of the test is provided to the students. This zone works on the IQ of students.

Special learning zone for dyslexic students:

This section is designed to cater the special needs of dyslexic students by providing engaging and meticulously designed animated content.


3D videos:

All the chapters of different subjects are explained through 3D videos and animations. These videos are quite engaging for the students connecting the topics with real life.

The interactive portion for these classes contains:


Grammar games: This section contains games targeting the grammar skills of the learner. These games provide a good opportunity to check their knowledge and fill gaps.


Brain Gym:

This part prepares your brain for the higher order thinking questions asked in Olympiads. These questions would challenge the students to use your knowledge and improve your reasoning skills.


General Knowledge section (Brain teaser/ moral stories):

As it is quite essential for the students to have an idea about the outside world, different inventions and the name of scientists behind them, this section includes all such topics. “Did you know” feature present in the section creates an eagerness among the students to learn new things.


Special learning zone for dyslexic students: 

This section is designed to cater the special needs of dyslexic students by providing engaging and meticulously designed interactive content.


Secondary Section for class 6th to 8th

This section is also divided into two parts namely animated portion and interactive portion. Animated portion of the secondary section includes following features:

Bilingual feature:

All the animated videos for Science and Social studies are present in both English and Hindi languages. This helps the student to clearly understand the concept in either of the languages.

Real life videos:

Various processes are taught to the students in science books but a clear idea of the process can be understood through real life videos. Smartschool tutor provides this feature which helps the students to retain those processes in their mind.


3D videos (teachers oriented):

Animated and anchor-based videos are provided which not only help the students to learn and understand but also supports teachers in explaining the concepts to students in a better way.


Smartschool Lab (Science experiments):

Experiments are done in our school labs but sometimes students might skip one or more steps. They may have to revise the experiments before their practical. Smartschool Lab feature is quite helpful during that time to quickly go through the experiments and perform well in their exams.


Formulae Master:

This feature is provided for Math subject where students have to remember a lot of formulae. You can just open the formulae master and go through all the formulae from different chapters.

Fully Solved NCERT book (For CBSE):

NCERT book is a standard book that is followed all across the boards. We have integrated solution of each and every question in our package for all the classes and all the subjects from Class 6-10.

History Timeline and Great Personalities:

It becomes a challenge for some students to remember all the dates and years mentioned in different history chapters. This feature provides a better way to remember the dates, years and famous personalities through history timeline.


Precise and important notes (Civics):

This includes important notes of all chapters of civics in a very specific manner. It also provides a presentable way to write the answers in exams.


Key points and key terms:

All the important key points and key terms with their definitions are given in all the chapters of different subjects. It helps the students to remember those important terms.

The interactive portion of the second section includes the following features:

Map work:

Different maps are taught in Geography but sometimes we do not give sufficient time to remember the map work. This feature provides interactive and non-interactive maps which will help students to remember the places on maps and practice them on a different one.


This feature provides different type of questions where we can check our answers and review them as well. It helps the students to analyse and check their knowledge in a particular subject.

Question and Answers:

This feature includes different type of questions which are not given in books. It will help the students to prepare for the chapters thoroughly.

Secondary Section for classes 9 and 10

Most of the features for classes 6 to 10 are same while we have some add on features for 9th and 10th which are given below:

Animated Portion of the secondary section for class 9 and 10 includes some more features:

HOTS questions:

This feature provides set of questions with solutions for all the chapters for challenging students. It will help the students to think at a higher level and prepare for the challenging questions during exams.

Subject wise experiments:

For classes 9 and 10, experiments for physics, chemistry and biology are separated making it easier for the students to go through them for a particular subject.

Applied Grammar animations (Omission/editing/error correction):

This would help the students to enhance grammar skills and prepare for questions like finding errors, omission and editing.

Interactive Portion of the secondary section for class 9 and 10 includes some more features.

Sample papers:  It includes solved sample papers for different subjects to prepare for the exams. Solving such sample papers will help the students to plan for the exams and study in a better way.

Toppers answer sheets:

Toppers answer sheets are available on Smartschool tutor which help students to understand the correct way of presenting the answers to get better marks.

Comparison of features provided by Smartschool with other companies:


CBSE approved

User friendly UI

Library concept


Real life videos

Human interactive

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Smart School

Founded by the alumni of IIT, IIM and DCE, SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd is an education company based in Delhi. The company has been actively providing innovative educational solutions to various educational institutions in India and abroad. The company is already selling its products to more than 6000 schools and to more than 17,00,000 students and hundreds of coaching institutes on pan India level. The company is also selling its solutions to Pakistan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore and Dubai. The company is also the official content provider for Comprehensive Online (and Offline) Learning Management System for CCE vide CBSE Letter of Award CBSE/ACAD/DIR (ART&I)/RFP(CCE ONLINE)2013 dated 20.05.2013 of CBSE



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