Why Teach on GetSetGo ?

No Overhead Cost

Trainers need to invest in building up their infrastructure, setting up an office space, outfitting themselves with high-end technology to support their training work, and hiring employees for follow-up and lead closing. Several of these costs are recurring each month; there is also a possibility that they cannot provide lifetime support to their clients. With TOP a Trainer is relieved from all these costs.

Focus on Content Creation

Trainers' most beautiful work is to train people and keep on creating effective content for their participants. GSG takes care of all marketing, promotion, engagement, follow up and data management, so Trainer can focus on his own passion and expertise to create and deliver quality content.

Personal Branding

GSG is a platform where we have 65K + users and around 1,500 business partners. The Trainer gets instant exposure to this crowd. This will further increase when our business partners promote the trainer and their course through their network.

Tracking System

With GSG a trainer gets access to an automated system and Dashboard where he can see and track the performance and sale of the course. All data from purchase history, course feedback, to the trainer's income is available at the click of a button.

Registered Users
Business Partners
People Trained

Trainers Onboarding Platform

GSGW is one of India’s largest and most cost-effective online educational platforms that offers hundreds of professional, academic, interpersonal, skill development, technical, non-technical, inspirational, and transformational training programmes. Trainers Onboarding Platform is designed to provide training and workshop opportunities to deserving and passionate trainers, counsellors and consultants with competent skills.

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