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Our Philosophy

GetSetGo believes that everyone has the right to get educated and this education needs to be available to them with ease and they should be able to learn the necessary skills that are required without any kind of language barriers or problems. We want to provide our learners with the best learning experiences online.

Key to Success

You can use the courses available on this platform to learn a new skill that you have been planning to within 4-5 weeks. Whether you are someone who is looking for simple courses or master courses, we have them all.

Our Principles

1. Providing World Class Education at an affordable Price.
2. Creating the skill based environment among the youths.
3. Creating Young & Dynamic Leaders.

Our Values

1. Integrity
2. Teamwork
3. Commitment
4. Abundance
5. Freedom

Our Story

Get Set Go World is a Premium Online Education Institute founded by Mr Sanjay Rahate. Mr Sanjay Rahate is a well known Neuro Educationist, Life Coach and a Celebrity Fitness trainer. He has trained celebrities like Rahul  Bose, Vidya Balan, Ashmit Patel. He has also trained Indian Rugby team & Rajasthan Royal IPL Team.

He has Trained Corporates like, Reliance, Raheja, Tech Mahindra, Infosys and many more.

He has Trained Many Schools & Colleges. 

In his life journey, he went through lots of disruptions & failures and he realized that all those failures were mainly because of lack of real-life skills which were not taught in the schools at early stages.

Then he started learning those Real life skills from the various experts throughout the world and he invested lacs of rupees in his re-learning process. After all this learning he realized that every individual is in need of Real life skills and he started sharing those skills through his lots of practical workshops.

The more he shared the more he realized that his this contribution is comparatively very limited and he needs to share with more people almost in every corner of the World.

But reaching physically was not possible so he decided to launch a platform wherein every individual can learn those skills from the top most Experts, Trainers, Authors & coaches of various fields in our own regional language - Hindi at a very nominal charge.

He believes that Language, Money & Place should not be the barrier for learning. So he invites everyone to come & join the mission of “Learn & Grow”.  So are you ready to learn & Grow? See you there.. Get Set Go.

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Completed Projects

Get Set Go Online learning portal provides an opportunity to every individual to learn various Practical Life Skills in Hindi as well as in English.
The main motto of our portal is to reach the unreached and create a skill-based environment for youths and for those who want to upgrade themselves and are seeking an opportunity to learn something new.
As to learn new skills one searches for the - profound trainer, better environment and affordable price.This portal fulfils every aspect of your need, with well-experienced trainers, easily accessible portal with practical courses and World Class Education at an Affordable Price.

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