1.1. In order to access information on GET SET GO you need to sign up and make an account.

1.2. To purchase/ enroll for any course or to upload lectures or notes as an instructor one needs to have an account.

1.3. While signing up, make sure all the information that you have provided is true and accurate. This information will be used to maintaining your account. If any information provided by you will cause any kind of harm to us or anybody (including yourself), you will be held responsible.

1.4. Each person who signs up must be extremely careful with your password, to avoid any kind of faults, do not share your password.

1.5. You can terminate your account by simply deleting your account; by contacting our support centre.

1.6. GET SET GO is fully authorized and has all rights to terminate your account in case of any defaults from your side.

1.7. Please note, once your account is terminated, it cannot be revoked, this means your data will be cleared from our databases and if there is an ongoing course on your account that will also be terminated. DO NOT contact us for refunds.


2.1. One may become an instructor with GET SET GO by simply signing up for an instructor’s account.

2.2. Every instructor will have a contract with GET SET GO, regardless of whether he/she has joined via any Franchisee or Affiliate.

2.3. Every instructor has to duly fill in his credentials including his education details and other work related details. If in any instance these details are found to be faulty, you will be blacklisted from GET SET GO.

2.4. Once you procure an instructor, you will have to duly sign an agreement with GET SET GO, which will clearly mention that no instructor will be allowed to infringe with our Intellectual Property Rights.

2.5. You are not allowed to post any kind of racist, sexist, pornographic, abusive, anti-religious, violent, misleading, defamatory information on the website.

2.6. GET SET GO is strictly an educational website. NO kind of inappropriate behavior with the students will be tolerated.

2.7. No instructor shall use the services of GET SET GO for any other reasons other than tutoring, teaching and instructional services to students.

2.8. Any abuse of GET SET GO’s resources will lead to termination of your license as an instructor.

2.9. Piracy is a crime, in case of piracy of any content on the website; you will be bound to face legal repercussions.


In no case will GET SET GO provide you a refund for the money paid by you.


What kinds of information do we collect?

CONTACT INFORMATION: Any data that identifies an individual either directly or indirectly when other data is combined is regarded as personal data. Name, Email ID, Health information, Gender, Mobile Number, Postal Address, etc. are all forms of personal data, which is obtained by the website when you sign up to get information about the products and services rendered on the website.

1. Location, usage and device information can be obtained by the website when you surf our website.

2. Device information such as the hardware model, device IP address, software, system and version of the devices; will be collected by the website when you use any device to access the website.

3. Our website may also collect your data via feedback options given to the students and various surveys conducted on the website.

4. Transaction information such as billing name, billing address, payment method, etc. provided by the student while availing any service or while purchasing any product from our website will be collected. Please note that the website NEVER collets your Debit/Credit Card details, Expiry date, CVV, etc.

5. In other ways, information may be collected through cookies, which will help determine if a particular user had visited the site on a previous occasion and thus, save and remember any preferences that may have been set. Cookies maybe used to keep a track of your current web-browsing session.

6. Cookies may also be used by us to statistically monitor how many people are using our website and for what purpose.

How do we use your information?

1. We use your personal information to verify your identity, to contact you, confirm your registration and improve products and services.

2. We use your contact information in order to send you SMS and E-mails about your transactions, marketing purposes and to inform you about our site trends

3. Device information is collected by us to make sure that your account is logged in a device which is trusted by you, this is to ensure the security of your personal information.

4. Your feedbacks help us improve and make your experience on our website better each day. Information collected via feedbacks and surveys will be used by our team to learn and understand the wants and needs of our consumer.

5. All information collected by cookies and other technologies help us remember your preferences and make a more personalized experience for our consumers.

6. We may use the information collected by us to investigate or address any claims for damages or disputes relating to your use of our service. This information may also be as evidence if required in any official inquiry or any law related thereby.

When do we share information?

1. We share information with third parties who perform services on our behalf.

2. We may share information in order to comply with the law and to protect ourselves.

3. Your information may be shared by us for reasons not mentioned in this privacy policy, but before doing so, detail information will be provided to you without fail.