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Raveena Rahate
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Digital Marketing
  • Videos 17
  • Duration 24H
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English, Hindi
Learning Outcomes
    Video Editing
    Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
    By the end of the course, you'll have edited your own videos
    Export and save your videos for HD playback
    Edit your videos, and make them more dynamic
    Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos. Making them more visually interesting
    Add a feeling to your videos with color correction to fix issues with white balance and exposure video with color grading
    Edit green screen footage, and add backgrounds that actually look good
    Image Editing
    Students will have a good understanding of graphic design, and have a base to build their design skills off using Gimp.
    Make image adjustments using powerful built-in tools and filters.
    You will know how to create animated GIF's, Collages and more.
    Create your own custom flyers, brochures and more.
    Remove objects from photos and perform other photo manipulations.
    Touch up photos to remove imperfections or background objects.
    Enhance photos for a better-finished product.
    You will know how to create your own custom Business Cards, Stationary and Thank you card designs.
Course Description

In today’s world of content overwhelm online, visuals can make all the difference to whether someone looks at your content or not. People love visuals because they have an immediate emotional impact and they're easy to take in at a glance. No matter what industry you're in, visual content should be an important component of your content marketing strategy.

In the past, only large companies could afford to invest in visuals. You needed a significant budget in order to hire designers to produce high-quality visuals. But with the tools offered by the internet and PCs, even the smallest business can create stunning, slick, and entertaining visual content that their audience will love.

Visual content consistently outperforms other types of content, so it's well worth your investment. There are several reasons this type of content works so well:

  • Visual content is memorable. People see a photo online and it stays with them. You're much more likely to remember an image you saw than something you read in an article or blog post.
  • You can take in visuals at a glance. When you're trying to communicate with your audience through words, it takes more time and attention on your audience's part. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can communicate your message more directly.
  • Visuals are highly engaging. Especially with social media, we're all competing for the eyeballs and brains of our audiences. A good image stands out among all of the other content that comes across your news feed.
  • With visuals, you can show rather than tell. You can use an image to convey complex information in a simple way. This is especially the case with infographics, which take various types of data and present them in a visual format.
  • Visuals create an emotional connection. You can inspire any type of emotion with the right image. This leads to better engagement and is one of the major reasons people share visual content online at such high rates.
  • Visuals are versatile. Unlike text and other types of content, you can use an image virtually anywhere. You can not only share this content on social media, but use it on your website, blog, sales pages, advertisements, banners, print materials, and so on.
  • There's no language barrier. You don't have to localize images. Wherever your audience is in the world and whatever their language they speak, they can get your message.
  • Visuals are excellent for branding. Visual content can help you create a strong, clear brand image.
  • There's a wide variety of different types of content you can make. Visual content isn't just images and photographs. It can include graphs and diagrams, infographics, quotes, and more


If you're just getting started with visual content, you'll face some challenges and there is much to learn. Visual content can have a great impact on your business, or it can totally flop if not done well. In this course, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to creating the right type of visuals that will resonate with your audience.



Students do not need any prior knowledge of design to learn this course but must have FREE software Gimp and Kdenlive downloaded on their computer.


Course content
    • 1) Day 1 : Getting Started with GIMP
      84 : 00
    • 2) Day 2: Understanding Selection tools and Layers.
      86 : 00
    • 3) Day 3: Working with Selection and Transform Tools
      186 : 00
    • 4) Day 4: Compositing
      108 : 00
    • 5) Day 5: Masking And Blending Modes
      96 : 00
    • 6) Day 6: Digital V-Card Making
      97 : 00
    • 7) Day 7: Path ,Shapes, Color Mixer Adjustments and Commercial Experiments
      98 : 00
    • 8) Day 8: Filters, Effects and Creating a Pamphlet
      78 : 00
    • 1) Day 9: Kdenlive Introduction and Interface
      90 : 00
    • 2) Day 10: Adding Transitions And Sound to Video
      90 : 00
    • 3) Day 11 : Removing Green screen, Lower Thirds, Rotoscoping and Understanding Effects,
      90 : 00
    • 4) Day 12: Motion Tracking And Explainer Video making
      88 : 00
    • 5) Day 13
      90 : 00
    • 6) Day 14 Finishing the Explainer video
      45 : 00
    • 1) Canva Mastery Day 1
      119 : 00
    • 2) Canva Mastery Day 2
      94 : 00
    • 3) Canva Mastery Day 3
      77 : 00


Raveena Rahate

she is a web developer and web designer



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Amazing course! Loved it! Highly recommended!

Thanks a lot for the entire team for such a wonderful sessions

Yes, Raveena Mam is very patient and takes care of slow learners too. Thanks, A Million, Maam. I am in my 70s and hence might have been a bit slow, very slow. I will definitely attend again 2nd time to understand better.