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Sanjay Rahate
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Self Development
  • Videos 8
  • Duration 2hrs
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English, Hindi
Learning Outcomes
  • Defining The Warrior
  • Discipline
  • Making Decisions and Taking Responsibility
  • Know Your Goal
Course Description

What is the warrior mindset?

Simply, this is an approach to life that might resemble the approach we imagine a warrior would have taken. This is a way of conducting yourself, of approaching a problem and of looking after your mental and physical needs that requires a warrior’s grit and self-control. This is a way of life that has been largely forgotten in our modern society and which yet has more relevance than ever before today. In this course, we are going to take a closer look at what is meant by the term ‘warrior mindset’ and we are going to prescribe the necessary training, steps and processes necessary to come closer to living life like a true warrior. Are you ready to become a Warrior? Are you ready to have a Bulletproof Warrior Mindset?

If Yes, then 

This Course is For YOU

Course content
    • 1) Introduction
      5 : 41
    • 1) The Aim
      12 : 36
    • 1) The Fire Within
      13 : 48
    • 1) Overcoming Fear
      21 : 15
    • 1) Growth Mindset
      12 : 31
    • 1) Tools for Growth & Resilience
      14 : 45
    • 1) Classic Warrior Principles
      11 : 36
    • 1) Taking a Harder Road
      4 : 34


Sanjay Rahate

Sanjay Rahate is a well known Neuro Educationist & Life Coach, He has trained more than 1 lakh Individuals which includes Students, Professionals, Teachers, Business Persons & Sports persons. He is the founder of Get Set Go World, a premium online education institute which offers world class skill based education courses to students across the globe.



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