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IT skills - State University of New York (USA)
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  • Duration 98 Hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
Learning Outcomes
    Understand the inception and core attributes of cloud computing.
    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various cloud service models.
    Explore the impact of cloud computing on IT departments and businesses.
    Learn about modern data center design influenced by cloud requirements.
    Gain insights into virtualization technologies and their role in cloud computing.
Course Description

More and more companies today are moving applications and business processes to the cloud. Explore cloud computing from its inception to its current core attributes and service models. This course delves into the enticing benefits of the Cloud, as well as the drawbacks. Understand various cloud service models, the advantages and disadvantages they offer, and their impact on IT departments and businesses. Discover different types of services available in the Cloud and how modern data center design is influenced by the requirements of the Cloud to provide a secure, scalable, and highly available infrastructure. Explore technologies, including virtualization, that make the Cloud a competitive option.


For Whom:

This course is ideal for:

  • IT professionals seeking to enhance their cloud computing skills.

  • Business managers aiming to implement cloud solutions in their organizations.

  • Anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of cloud computing and its applications.

Course Content:

The comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • Cloud Service Models

  • Cloud Advantages and Disadvantages

  • IT and Business Impact

  • Modern Data Center Design

  • Virtualization Technologies

Special Opportunities:

Collaborate with Get Set Go World for global networking and additional resources. Eligible students can benefit from a special scholarship provided by the National Education Foundation (NEF), making this opportunity accessible.

Enroll in the Diploma in Cloud Computing at the State University of New York today and transform your career with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

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