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Business Skills - State University of New York (USA)
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  • Duration 161 hrs
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  • Language English
Learning Outcomes
Course Description

Diploma in Digital Transformation by the State University of New York

Course Description:

Digital disruption. Digital transformation. Whatever you call it, the switch to digital technologies requires a close look at core business processes, company governance, customer experiences, and, of course, the actual transformational digital technologies. In this course, you will learn about the crucial leadership capabilities required to make digital transformation a reality. You’ll understand how a solid compass can help you steer the implementation of digital transformation by framing the challenge you’re about to undergo. You’ll also learn best practices to focus on the customer, as well as actions to mobilize and sustain operational processes and the employee experience. You’ll also gain an understanding of the underlying business models and digital platforms that power digital transformation.

Level: Diploma Course

Duration: 161 Hours
Includes tutorials, assignments, exercises, pre- and post-course tests.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the crucial leadership capabilities for digital transformation.
  • Learn to frame and navigate digital transformation challenges.
  • Gain best practices for focusing on the customer and sustaining operational processes.
  • Enhance the employee experience during digital transformations.
  • Understand the underlying business models and digital platforms driving digital transformation.

For Whom:

This course is ideal for:

  • Business leaders looking to drive digital transformation.
  • Managers aiming to enhance their digital skills.
  • Professionals seeking to lead successful digital initiatives within their organizations.

Course Content:

The comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • Leadership Capabilities for Digital Transformation
  • Focusing on the Customer
  • Mobilizing and Sustaining Operational Processes
  • Enhancing the Employee Experience
  • Understanding Business Models and Digital Platforms

Special Opportunities:

Collaborate with Get Set Go World for global networking and additional resources. Eligible students can benefit from a special scholarship provided by the National Education Foundation (NEF), making this opportunity accessible.

Call to Action:

Enroll in the Diploma Course in Digital Transformation at the State University of New York today and master the skills needed to lead successful digital transformations.

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