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Sanjay Rahate
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  • Videos 10
  • Duration 85.30
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language Hindi
Learning Outcomes
  • How to become financially free
  • 3 Important ingredients of success
  • world's Simplest Money Management system
  • 4 Categories of the people & Their Mindset
  • Belief System for Financial Growth
  • Positive affirmations
  • Internal Development for External Growth
Course Description

Imagine that you are chilling at an exotic beach and suddenly you receive a message saying 2 million rupees have been deposited to your account from your business and this keeps on happening very often. You are enjoying your life and money is working for you to get more money. How will that life be? Amazing right? If you want to live a life like that, being rich is not enough. You have to be wealthy. One becomes wealthy when that person has enough money, time and energy to enjoy the life. How is it possible to acquire all these 3 things in life at a time? How can we make it possible? Here is a course which is the first  step help you to earn millions of rupees in a very short period of time so that you can become financially free and can live the rest of your live on your own terms and conditions. This course will not only teach you to be financially free but also to manage money for a better progress. So ready to change a few belief systems of yours and accept the new belief systems about managing money? If yes, then you must go through this course it will help you to learn a lot about financial freedom mastery. 

Course content
    • 1) Why is Financial Freedom Important to Us?
      2 : 31
    • 1) Chanakya's Artashastra Sutras
      2 : 25
    • 1) Ingredients of Success
      12 : 27
    • 1) Understanding types of People & their Mindset
      12 : 18
    • 1) Types of Intelligence
      17 : 36
    • 1) Belief system
      8 : 55
      2 : 17
    • 2) 7.2 Employees Money Management System
      11 : 03
    • 3) 7.3 : Understanding M.S.I
      9 : 47
    • 4) 7.4 : Professional's Money Management System
      7 : 27


Sanjay Rahate

Sanjay Rahate is a well known Neuro Educationist & Life Coach, He has trained more than 1 lakh Individuals which includes Students, Professionals, Teachers, Business Persons & Sports persons. He is the founder of Get Set Go World, a premium online education institute which offers world class skill based education courses to students across the globe.



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Priya Narayanan Narayanan

Awesome program.Must view

Arryan R

Very simple but powerful learnings on mindset and also simple money management system every person should learn..

Jayant Patil

This course will teach you about your money mindset and help you to improve become Financial free is less time