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Rekha Subramanian
Madhavi Ponnala
Sheela Patrick
Sharon Kundu
Manisha Badle
Dhanashree Aditya Roy
Heena Dani
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  • Videos 25
  • Duration 8hrs
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English, Hindi
Learning Outcomes
  • Creating engaging activities that are result-oriented
  • Enhancing their knowledge and skills in an enjoyable environment
  • Building a strong foundation of character and moral values
  • Encouraging awareness of self and surroundings
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Boosting their enthusiasm and confidence
  • Enhancing their talents
  • Holistic development of all their Kosha’s
  • Nurturing an environment for growth, and boosting healthy competition
  • Gainfully utilizing their screen time
Course Description

The Covid 19 has affected us in many ways, It has changed the way we live our life. Mostly it has changed the way our children learn, nowadays they are on mobile for almost the whole day and we don’t know how much productive hours they spent and “It’s the battle cry of millions of parents,” Does this happen at your house too?

By keeping this in mind we have launched Junior Champs Club

  • Junior Champs Club is an exclusive club for young children aged 4 to 14years.  
  • This is a Practical Activities based weekend club that will be hosted every weekend (Friday & Saturday, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm)
  • The activities will be Panchkosha based and will cover the following aspects - 
  1. Annamaya Kosha (Food Sheath) 
  2. Pranmaya Kosha (Breath Sheath) 
  3. Manomaya Kosha (Mind Sheath)
  4. Vigyanmaya Kosha (Intellect Sheath) 
  5. Aanandmaya Kosha (Bliss Sheath)

Each session will involve Interactive projects  that will cover  Art / Craft / Science / Maths / Memory Techniques / Dance / Public Speaking / Health / Food etc. Festivals & Important Days will be used to educate participants on various aspects of Indian/Global Culture & Values.

Course content
    • 1) Junior Champs Club
      1 : 30
    • 2) Day 1: Fruit Kebab and Hungry Caterpillar
      60 : 00
    • 3) Day 2: Vedic Maths
      60 : 00
    • 4) Day-3 Yoga with Sheru the Lion - Part 1
      44 : 00
    • 5) Day 4 : Time Talk
      63 : 00
    • 6) Day 5 International Mother Tongue Language Day
      79 : 00
    • 7) Day 6: Fun With Magnets
      69 : 00
    • 8) Day 7 Pattern Artwork
      67 : 00
    • 9) Day 8 Wonderful World
      58 : 57
    • 1) Day-9 Yoga with Sheru the Lion - Part 2
      56 : 00
    • 2) Day 10 Craft Activity
      61 : 00
    • 3) Day 11 Dancing Star
      73 : 00
    • 4) Day 12 Mind & Memory Power
      62 : 00
    • 5) Day13 Organizing Skills
      78 : 00
    • 6) Day 14 Happiness
      64 : 00
    • 7) Day 15 Etiquettes For Kids
      71 : 00
    • 8) Day16 Holi the festival of colours
      61 : 00
    • 1) Day 17 Volcanic Eruption
      49 : 00
    • 2) Day 18: Dancing Stars Part 2
      61 : 38
    • 3) Day 19 : Young Chef
      52 : 23
    • 4) Day 20: Vegetable Painting
      51 : 35
    • 5) Day 21 : Yoga with Sheru the Lion
      59 : 07
    • 6) Day 22 : World Earth Day
      67 : 00
    • 7) Day 23 : Smart Handwriting Skills
      67 : 00
    • 8) Day 24: Working Together
      60 : 00


Rekha Subramanian

Mrs. Rekha Subramanian is a bidirectional communicator, well versed in managing diverse portfolios. She is an entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in the financial sector. She deeply believes in making things simple as the 'Secret of Genius' is not Complexity, but Simplicity. Learning, for Rekha is a lifelong process so she lives by the principle 'Sweat more in Training to Bleed less in War'. Rekha is a commerce graduate and an expert in Financial Planning, Wealth Management & Wealth Coaching, Counseling & Life Coaching, and Selling Skills. Rekha is a self-believer and believes training is transformation and training is a continuous journey to achieve success. Her seminars and workshops are very interactive, interesting and impart immense value to the participants. SIGNIFICANT SKILLS:- Mind Power Brain Mapping Counseling Life & Wealth Coaching Money Management Goal Setting Team Building Leadership STRENGTHS:- Self-Believer Highly Adaptable Dynamic Genuine Organized Team Leader CERTIFICATION Life and Wealth Coach from Nxtnlp Research Institute, Chennai DMIT Counselor from RISE Academy, Mumbai NLP Practitioner from NxtNlp Research Institute, Chennai Enter-Trainer from HSSE, Mumbai

Madhavi Ponnala

Madhavi is a motivational speaker, educator, Nlp practitioner and passionate corporate trainer who believes in the power of positive thinking which has perseverance in achieving success by knowing the inner potential and taking control of thoughts and thereby the change in attitude.

Sheela Patrick

Sheela Patrick is a passionate person and loves to reach out to people and build them up with God-given talents especially the youth. she has the ability to deal with all levels of people in a professional manner. she also has very good communication and leadership skills that helped her in career growth from being an Executive Secretary to Behavioral Soft Skills trainer. she has 38 years of corporate experience out of which 20 years she has been working as a soft skills trainer /Life skills Coach and has trained over 10K +  people both students and adults  through  online and offline training.

She is one of the Trainers at Get Set Go an online learning portal conducting life skills training at Junior Champs Camp since Feb 2021 and conducted Spoken English Crash Course.

Also actively conducting one to one session for students in other platform as her mission is to reach out to many students and bring out the best in them and is always open to  platforms that helps her in her mission.


Sharon Kundu

Sharon is a passionate trainer with a creative approach toward training design and methodology. A strategic thinker, adroit in managing diverse portfolios, setting trends and delivering modules customized to clients from varied demographics. Out of Box thinker, enthusiastic and a peoples person are words that best exemplify Sharon. Leadership interventions, coaching, mentoring, counselling are key aspects of her work. A professional with nearly two decades of experience, she has served significant tenures with 5-star hotels namely ITC Hotel Sonar and Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore. An academician herself, Sharon holds a certification in Six Sigma Green Belt, Human Resource Leadership from Cornell and Personal & Organizational Learning Processes from ISABS An entrepreneur since May 2014, Levis Strauss, Mitsubishi Hitachi, Marlabs Software Solutions, Qwikcilver, Ramiah Institute of Management, Ingersoll Rand are few of her clients. As a Director of Education Abroad Counselling Centre (EACC) she is a catalyst in shaping young minds through counselling guidance to help them with their career decisions.

Manisha Badle

She is a certified Yoga Trainer (The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre). What makes her stand out, is her experience in the field of Yoga and other healing techniques such as - Energy Medicine and Acupressure - for the overall well-being of her students. Her skills with Pranayam, Meditation and Relaxation brings in better healing for her students of all ages. She is currently training kids, adults, senior citizens as well as people struggling with alarming health issues. She is also supporting them with a one-on-one consultation to find out the root of their issues and support them with appropriate practices. All these factors make her students satisfied with the positive benefits that they derive through the sessions.

Dhanashree Aditya Roy

Mrs Dhanashree R Aditya Roy is a staunch believer of the principle that education must be enjoyed to effectively assimilate and implement it. Being a Counsellor and a Teacher with 27 years of experience, she has helped hundreds of students to overcome the obstacles in smart learning and improve their grades exponentially. She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners and not just rote learners. She is a highly resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. Her warm personality with her witty humour is the perfect blend to engage students' attention and ensure active participation so that learning becomes a very enjoyable and creative experience. Her mission is to make education an all-round developing experience for each and every student.

Heena Dani

Mrs Heenna has spent over fifteen years as a teacher, corporate trainer, teacher’s trainer, DMIT counsellor, employability skill trainer for students. She specializes in working with children and teenagers with behavioural and emotional challenges along with their families. It’s her area of expertise to work with children, adolescents and adults who want to feel more connected to themselves and their loved ones but are struggling with patterns of fear, insecurity and also money blocks. She has guided many teenagers and adults to decide their career. she has Qualification: M.Sc., M.A. (Psychology), Certified Access Consciousness -BARS practitioners, healing money issues, Pranic healer, Tarot Card Reader, EFT practitioner. Specialities: Emotional healing, Career Counselling.



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