Amit Kumar Mahto

About Me

06 Jun 2020
Mr. Amit Kumar Mahto is a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, life and wealth coach. He believes that every individual has tremendous hidden potential and through proper training and coaching one can be guided to achieve all his personal, professional and financial goals. This will enable an individual in achieving all his desired goals and bringing the best to himself as well as to his associated organization. Mr. Amit Kumar Mahto is a positive, enthusiastic and ever-smiling. He is a focused and self-motivated individual who always puts extra and fights till end to achieve his goal. His passion and commitment to training & educating people makes his class entertaining & interactive and it makes memorable to participants. Mr. Amit Kumar Mahto is a Chartered Wealth Manager from American Academy of Financial Management and Certified Master Trainer from IATD, Mumbai with over 17 years of experience in the financial sector. With his financial planning & wealth management, training, sales and team management skills, He has been managing 1000+ clients with 50+ Crore of AUM. His rich experience and in-depth knowledge help people achieving their personal, professional and financial goals. His goal is to touch lives, inspire people and help them in achieving success in life. His rich corporate experience helps him bring relevant examples in the training sessions. Customer focus, communication and decision-making capabilities have always made him stand apart in his professional career. Mr. Amit Kumar Mahto is a self-believer and believes training is transformation and training is a continuous journey to achieve success. He is dynamic, creative and inspires the participants to absorb the contents effectively and apply them in their routines. This quality of his ensures all his training sessions and workshops are result oriented and value for money. His In-depth knowledge of training need analysis ensures all his training add value to the business growth of both individuals and organization. Specialization: Investor Awareness Programs, Financial Planning & Wealth Management Sales Management Training Program How to Recruit, Train, Develop and Retain Life Advisors How to Lead a Happy & Stress-Free Life Mr. Amit Kumar Mahto is an excellent storyteller and a bidirectional communicator. His seminars and workshops are very interactive, interesting and exceedingly useful to the participants.