Debajit Saikia

About Me

04 Mar 2020
Self Development, Communication Skill


Debajit Saikia is a communication skills trainer, voice artist and writer based in Mumbai. He believes that appropriate training in communication skills with a focus on behavioural aspects can contribute immensely towards an individual’s success in professional and social life. With a Master's degree in English with a specialization in phonetics, Debajit has taken a keen interest in understanding the human speech mechanism and has developed unique ways of improving one’s speech quality. 


  • Training of 600+ employees of NSEIT to develop their communication and behavioural skills
  • Training of 325 employees of Childline India Foundation (Govt. of India) in voice modulation, interpersonal communication, stress management and professional growth
  • Public workshop - Exploit Your Voice - aimed at enhancing the use of one's voice and articulation to the optimum
  • Series of workshops at four colleges in Assam on effective communication skills, covering 500+ students 
  • Articulation and voice modulation skills for students of Journalism and Mass Communication at Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  • Written the book Communicate in English, aimed at developing communicative competence of college students and young professionals in speaking, reading and writing skills