Mitesh Khaneria

About Me

05 May 2020

Mitesh Khaneria is a motivational speaker, an educator and most of all a very passionate Life skill instruction designer and trainer. He believes in "Training is Transformation." His indomitable persuasive nature inspires and encourages people to realize their entire inner potential and ensures positive transformation in them. Mitesh is a virtuous self-believer and an optimistic trainer. This quality of his ensures all his training sessions and workshops are dynamic, energetic, result oriented and value for money. Mitesh began his training career with Aptech Computer Education. A competent and result oriented professional with over 17 years’ experience including over 4 years of experience in customer service and 9 years’ experience in the Banking Sector . Currently he is a Manager with Indusind Bank in Mumbai. He possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills with proven abilities in transitioning financial processes during his career span. Working with world class organizations has given him capability to handle any situation with calmness. Mitesh has thorough insight on the corporate training needs and this immensely helps him to dynamically structure and design all his programs to high standards. He is passionate about transforming people towards better behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, effective and assertive communication, Customer Service, Team Building, Public Speaking, Work Life Balance along-with guiding people in managing stress and time; His persuasion to indulge in creative thinking leads to innovation. Mitesh is an excellent story teller and bi-directional communicator which make his seminars and workshops very interactive, interesting and useful to the participants. In addition to his innate passion towards the profession, he is a certified trainer from IATD, Mumbai. His trademark is "Happy Souls, Scores goal !!!"