Pooja Sharma

About Me

22 Feb 2020
Image Consultant, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Personal Branding

Pooja V Sharma is a certified Image Consultant and NABET and SQA accredited Soft Skills trainer.

Founder of The Impressionist- “People Packaging”

Academically an Interior Designer. An NLP master coach and Access consciousness coach. Eight years of Work experience in HR and Media. Love to learn and explore new things.

She enhances one’s strengths and transforms the limitations by working on Dressing, Grooming, Body Language and Verbal & Vocal Communication to have a lasting First Impression which helps build strong professional and personal relationships. Also, she guides individuals and companies to redefine and transform their image so that it is authentic & dynamic, in accordance with their lifestyle, their professional & personal goals and help them achieve SUCCESS.

My expertise in Personal Brand building of individuals and companies both online and offline.