Rekha Subramanian

About Me

06 Jun 2020
Mrs. Rekha Subramanian is a bidirectional communicator, well versed in managing diverse portfolios. She is an entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in the financial sector. She deeply believes in making things simple as the 'Secret of Genius' is not Complexity, but Simplicity. Learning, for Rekha is a lifelong process so she lives by the principle 'Sweat more in Training to Bleed less in War'. Rekha is a commerce graduate and an expert in Financial Planning, Wealth Management & Wealth Coaching, Counseling & Life Coaching, and Selling Skills. Rekha is a self-believer and believes training is transformation and training is a continuous journey to achieve success. Her seminars and workshops are very interactive, interesting and impart immense value to the participants. SIGNIFICANT SKILLS:- Mind Power Brain Mapping Counseling Life & Wealth Coaching Money Management Goal Setting Team Building Leadership STRENGTHS:- Self-Believer Highly Adaptable Dynamic Genuine Organized Team Leader CERTIFICATION Life and Wealth Coach from Nxtnlp Research Institute, Chennai DMIT Counselor from RISE Academy, Mumbai NLP Practitioner from NxtNlp Research Institute, Chennai Enter-Trainer from HSSE, Mumbai